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Are you tired of your jewelry never fitting the way you'd like it to? Is mainstream jewelry always too small for you, or too large? Are you tired of never being able to have a necklace or bracelet that has a lovely clasp, instead of an extender that can be seen on those with short hair or who are wearing an updo, or that makes your bracelet look weird? Forget extenders -- they almost always look clunky and unsightly. And it's hard to be comfortable in jewelry that is too binding or too loose. Adorn Me specializes in beautiful, quality handmade jewelry crafted from a delightful variety of materials to suit diverse tastes, all created to delight the eye and senses. We design for all body types, from very petite to super plush, and everything in-between. We pride ourselves on providing women who are smaller or larger than the norm with beautiful handcrafted jewelry that fits. We can often take items that are too small for you and make them larger. Likewise, we can often size items down for you. We can also take something you've seen in our store and sometimes mix it with something else to create a piece that is wholly new.

We at AMJ want you to have a fantastic jewelry experience right from the moment you open the shiny black box to gaze at your purchases, and all Of Our Items Have Low Cost Worldwide Shipping!

Come visit Adorn Me jewelry at Etsy, where you will find beautiful jewelry of all styles -- luxe gemstones, flowers, birdies, art nouveau, modern, hand-hammeredand more -- in your size! If you would like to join the Adorn Me mailing list, where you will find news, contests and exclusive email-subscriber discounts and virtual coupons, drop us a line giving us your email address (we do NOT sell or pass on your email address or information to anyone). Adorn Me also has a Facebook Fan Page,where members get surprise 24-hour sales with deep discounts and sometimes free shipping to boot. Come visit for news and also discounts that are exclusive to fan page members.

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