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We are a mother and son team bringing you beautiful handcrafted artisan jewelry for all tastes and sizes -- large and small. We offer the option of making almost all of our designs larger or smaller than the listing sizes, as you need them. In a way, Adorn Me has been almost a lifetime in the making. We can often take items that are too small for you and make them larger. Likewise, we can often size items down for you. We can also take something you've seen in our store and sometimes mix it with something else to create a piece that is wholly new. Each of our items is created with loving care and an artistic consciousness with you, the individual, in mind....

Tina: "I have decades of experience designing and crafting jewelry, since childhood, and then professionally as a teen and adult. My preference is to work with a variety different materials and styles. I do not have one consistent style, because I don't like to be tied down to a certain look, except that our jewelry be beautiful, comfortable and make you feel good when you wear it. Stone, pearls, crystals, amber and various kinds of glass are my muses. And color, always color."

James: "I am a newer jewelry designer and I really enjoy working with rich-colored stones and favor texture and often end up with a Bohemian look to my pieces. I've loved stones, rocks and beach glass since I was a child, and love them still. My goal is to continue learning and expanding my skills and design repertoire."

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Thank you to Heather of Nifty Knits for doing such a beautiful interview of Tina of Adorn Me Jewelry for her blog, So Much Yarn, So Little Time. What fun that was! :)

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